A great post from a college student’s perspective. I struggled with college and what pulled me out of it was a creative writing teacher who took lots of extra time to work with me and talk about direction in life. Many ADHD coaches recommend college students have a mentor, especially the first year.

Living and Learning Under Pressure

Dear Teachers,

Here is what might help a student with ADD and ADHD from the student’s perspective.  I know that it might be difficult and hard to deal with us but bear with it. I had really good luck with teachers who knew how to help me as well as directing me toward resources that might help me further down the line.

If you can help a student towards what they love to do get them involved in something. The best thing that happen to me in my school carrier was when a family friend and also one of the best teachers I ever had told me to go try technical theater. It turned everything around for me. I had a reason to do well in school and started to do a little better.

Also if they are like me they might not have the easiest social life. It took…

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