Deathbed Confessions

Here’s a fun argument.  ADHD denialists point to the meme that Dr. Leon Eisenberg, the “father” of ADHD, supposedly said that ADHD is a fictitious disease on his deathbed.

I hope when you are 87 and on your deathbed that you are able to give lucid, accurate statements that sum up your entire life (and that if they are reported by the media, that they are accurately reported in context).

Arguing about the credibility of the source has limited sway, though, so the easiest rebuttal to the argument is so what?

Even if that’s what he said and he meant, what does that actually change?  Do all the decades of scientific research since Eisenberg’s work suddenly disappear from the universe? Do my symptoms go away?

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You can read analysis of the rumor here (  Basic story: Eisenberg was expressing concern about ADHD drugs being too casually used for children, and some of the quotes have been mistranslated from German.  Also, it was several months before his death, not a dramatic deathbed confession.

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