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“Students with nerve enough to say what they really thought (not what they thought I wanted to hear) are too great an asset to be embarrassed or intimidated.”

W.D. Snodgrass


This is my 500 word reading response

This is my five hundred word reading response, written to respond to the reading of Chapter 3, Style and Editing in our textbook The Importance of Writing Well, written by the authors James Patterhorn and Sara Janewell, in which the writers have published their fourth edition with the copyright date of the year two thousand and twelve, Year of Our Lord.

Chapter 3, Style and Editing, the third chapter in the book The Importance of Writing Well, is a chapter that gives advice, pointers, and instruction regarding the subject of style as well as the quite important subject of editing as pertaining to the book’s overall advice, pointers, and instruction regarding how important it is for one to write well, which is duly suggested by the title of the aforementioned book, which (as a gentle reminder) is The Importance of Writing Well (authored by James Patterhorn in collaboration with the most distinguished co-author Sare Janewell).

This chapter, which commences on page one hundred and eighty one and concludes brilliantly on page one hundred and ninety six, manages to contain sage and erstwhile advice spanning the multitudinous and often, dare I say, nefarious subjects of editing in conjunction with style vis a vis writing well (and importantly), all in a mere fifteen pages, or perhaps sixteen if one counts the mostly blank page at the end upon which a mere three sentences appear.  Nay!  The authors (Sara of the Janewell family, and Mr. Patterhorn, whose first name is James) must be given full credit for a fifteen page masterpiece, as the page layout was (as in most publishing endeavors) probably decided by the editors of said work, editors in the employ of the Bordson Publishing Company’s New York city office (in the Empire state [New York], one of the finest states in all of the fifty United States of America).

I hope that you have found this response useful in regards to the subjects of reviewing and changing words to improve writing in order to achieve the often elusive but terribly, terribly important state of writing that could be categorized as “well.”  I know that I found its admonitions, counsel, and guidance of great and lasting use and importance, and I shall use the advice contained therein for my future compositions of a verbal nature, whether they be yet another response to a reading of a chapter in our textbook for this class of the length of five hundred words or more, or any other sort of collection of words into sentences and paragraphs.

Thus concludes my five hundred word reading response on the subject of Chapter 3, Style and Editing, the penultimate chapter of Unit 1: Writing Foundations in the outstanding book The Importance of Writing Well, which was ably authored by the two fantastically insightful writers Sarah Janewell and James Patterhorn, which I will submit, as instructed, on the twenty first day on the second month of the year two thousand and thirteen in the Common Era.

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