ADHD: Smarter isn’t Better

Been there, done that.

Why Being Smart Doesn’t Help People With ADHD

For bright kids with ADHD, parents and teachers tend to assume the problem is their motivation or will power. These presumptions can follow patients throughout their childhoods and seriously impact their education.

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Quote To Remember

Here’s a quote from the book Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults   that strikes me as incredibly apt:

Impairment is the result of a disconnect between the individual’s behavior and what the environment expects. . . . Behaviors that fit in one environment may be seen as problematic in another setting.

This relates to the argument some make that ADHD people are often just creative misfits, that if we just changed all of society, then ADHD people would not have any trouble.  I guess if I could create an environment where I didn’t need so much executive function, then maybe I would feel better.

I can’t change all of society, so I’m going to go about changing me.