A good post on Reddit about ADHD and public perception, etc.

It’s amazing how much high quality scientific research is out there on the disorder. Put simply, we know a lot about the disorder; its causes, treatments and long-term outcomes of those affected. ADHD has been constantly studied, and we have a wealth of peer-reviewed studies pertaining to the disorder.

Often, journalists and other various people who claim to be ADHD “experts” constantly trivialize ADHD with their latest “theories” and “causes,” most of which have no understanding of the scientific findings of ADHD. Many of these people are just grabbing for attention at some media outlet. The problem I have with this stuff is that it does a disservice to those of us with the disorder, making it hard for us to get through all the bullshit and see what ADHD really is.

Full post and discussion here:

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What’s ADHD Like?

I’ve been following the ADHD subreddit lately:  If you have ADHD, you should join it. (Because you need something else to follow.)  Anyway, one discussion I particularly like today is here:

Brainscan of brains with and without ADHD

Purple fire shoots out of my brain.

Look, Its Something Shiny…

A good post on parenting an ADHD kid and getting lots of free advice.

bay witch musings

Some random thoughts and rants I’ve had lately about parenting and ADHD…
(sometimes I think I should be making these stock answers when the subject of my child’s ADHD comes up)

Please stop telling me I should try changing what my kid eats:  My child acts no differently (and I mean absolutely NO differently) when he has sugar, dyes (though this is something we have very little of anyhow), preservatives, milk, wheat (gluten), eggs, peanuts, or any other trigger foods than when he has not had them for any length of time.  If you tried an elimination diet for your child, and it worked “miracles”, congrats.  I am very happy that it worked for you.

I’ve read plenty of data (here’s an interesting meta-study) on the topic. To be honest, its spotty (and often poorly carried out, or a perfect example of correlation vs causation), and much…

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Good description of what an ADHD diagnosis means.

Hetty Says.....

Many of my clients have been diagnosed with ADHD, and I often hear people wondering if one child or other has this ‘affliction’.  Ever since my beautiful daughter (now a wonderful mother, nurse educator, and wonder woman) was diagnosed with ADHD back in the 1990s,  I have had a special interest in this collection of symptoms.  After a careful examination of my own life I decided it was a better label than ‘smart but scattered’.  First of all, I think of it as just that, a collection of symptoms.  Trouble focusing, following through, organizing, planning, listening, being on time, finding things, and so on.  The other part, the ‘H’ part, is about not being able to sit still.

Saying someone has ADD/ADHD is like a dermatologist saying someone has a rash.  The important thing is to figure out why.   Is there a reason for the distraction?  Has there been a…

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Chapter Eighty-Nine: In Which Our Hero Channels a Slug

Having this same sort of day/week/month, so worth a reblog (of myself).

Attention Deficit Whatever

Weird day.  I spent many hours today doing web conferences, talking live, one-on-one with students in my online class.  As long as I was talking to students, I felt positive and energized.  As soon as I stopped, I felt demoralizingly tired and apathetic.  Sluggish.  As if a slug.  A slug who ran out of antidepressants, so as far as slugs go, a downer, someone who the other slugs look at and say, who invited glum bum over there? underneath their slug breaths.

I felt like two different people, like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide-Under-The-Desk-And-No-One-Will-See-Me.  It was as if each student arrived with a 20-minute energy shot, and as soon as the conference ended, meh.

Here’s an interesting fact:  if you Google “slug party images” you get pictures from Harry Potter movies.  If I knew anything about Harry Potter, I would know why.  I do know that Harry Potter sounds like…

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The ADHD Zig-Zag

Never thought of it quite this way, but fits me to a T.


“Zig-zagging your way through life to the top!”
I heard this phrase from one of the speakers at the San Francisco CHADD conference. I thought it perfectly describes some of the people I know with Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD).  I liked how it sounded, since the person’s trajectory of goals was still pointing North for success.  It took into account the zig-zagging that a person’s points of performance can take during the day, week, month or year in the life of ADHD.  I thought it was very descriptive and “un”shaming.  It gives hope that in spite of zig-zagging, you can still be moving forward in a positive direction!
I am still chewing on the informative and  inspiring talks at the conference.  I left for the conference tired from many hours at work, wondering how I was going to rise to the energy needed to sit for that  many hours…

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