5 Dumb Things

1. My car says “Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle” on the back, like that’s a thing. It’s got PZEV!

2. Free speech zones.  Ah, academia.

3. “Slimming” women’s jeans that you can order in size 2.

4. I have to answer seven questions to buy one gallon of milk with cash at Walgreens.

5. It’s easier to get made-in-America food for dogs than it is for my children.

lol on a candy heart

Thank Me, Thank Me Very Much

I found out that I had two profiles on LinkedIn when it suggested I connect with myself.  So I did, and I started endorsing myself with lots of new skills (Pirate Dialect and Underwater Golf Ball Retrieval).  And then I returned the favor. It’s true: social media does make us more connected.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus

Metamorphosis of Narcissus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)