ADHD: Smarter isn’t Better

Been there, done that.

Why Being Smart Doesn’t Help People With ADHD

For bright kids with ADHD, parents and teachers tend to assume the problem is their motivation or will power. These presumptions can follow patients throughout their childhoods and seriously impact their education.

Hat tip to Overexcitable.

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By the way, this is my 200th post, so yay me.


2 thoughts on “ADHD: Smarter isn’t Better

  1. Yay to you!

    One of my kids has ADHD and one ADD and I think it’s particularly tough for my daughter (the one with ADD) to reconcile because she has a really high IQ but lacks concentration. Read concentration NOT motivation – she is one of the most motivated people I have ever met.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have plenty of motivation for whatever I’m hyperfocused on. And littler concentration and/or motivation for what I’m not.

      The four motivating factors are novelty, intrinsic interest, challenge, and panic.

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