The Product Design is Used International Popularly

Looking for examples of bad instructional design for my technical writing class, I found this fun example:

However, a word of warning.  Don’t Google “instructions that suck” in sight of coworkers or children.  Apparently in Googlespeak, “that” means “how to.”


Chapter Eighty-Nine: In Which Our Hero Channels a Slug

Weird day.  I spent many hours today doing web conferences, talking live, one-on-one with students in my online class.  As long as I was talking to students, I felt positive and energized.  As soon as I stopped, I felt demoralizingly tired and apathetic.  Sluggish.  As if a slug.  A slug who ran out of antidepressants, so as far as slugs go, a downer, someone who the other slugs look at and say, who invited glum bum over there? underneath their slug breaths.

I felt like two different people, like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide-Under-The-Desk-And-No-One-Will-See-Me.  It was as if each student arrived with a 20-minute energy shot, and as soon as the conference ended, meh.

Here’s an interesting fact:  if you Google “slug party images” you get pictures from Harry Potter movies.  If I knew anything about Harry Potter, I would know why.  I do know that Harry Potter sounds like an unkempt ceramicist.

Meh is my new favorite word.

Do slugs have bums? Or is bum used in the sense of vagabond, as in I wish that vagabond would pay for his slug-railroad ticket like everyone else!

I don’t think slugs would use the word “slug” to describe everything in their slug lives.  Its like email; eventually email will drop the e and just be mail.  I wonder which is slower, slug mail or snail mail?

I’m glad I keep the SafeSearch on when I Google images.