And now, in Pirate.

I understand to do lists. I really do. ye scribe below th’ thin’s ye have to do ‘n then ye do them. If ye can not do somethin’ now, ye scribe it on th’ list so ye can do it later. If ye have the hour to do thin’s, ye consult th’ list ‘n then do them. But, just like th’ advice ‘o “do a wee each day ‘n then ye don’t have to rush at th’ end,” th’ simple to do list be beyond me capabilities in th’ long term.


2 thoughts on “And now, in Pirate.

  1. No, in my case..I start a To Do List. and if at the end of the day I haven’t completed it (which I never seem to do) I carry things over to the next day and hope they get done then. Eventually, those things get done… So, the cycle continues.

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