Gratitude Friday Five

It’s Friday evening, but still Friday enough for a Friday post.

I spent all of Thursday at a hospital with my youngest son who was having a biopsy. In difficult circumstances, I am grateful for bits of humor.  Here goes:

  1. When my son woke up from surgery, he said two things: “Mommy?” and when he remembered Daddy took him to the hospital “Toys R Us?”
  2. More than one nurse assumed I was a single dad because my wife stayed home to take care of our other son.
  3. In the waiting room, I said “I better move this coffee so I don’t spill it.”  In doing so, I made a huge mess by spilling my coffee.
  4. The hospital was so new that Google Maps street view showed it as just beams and girders.
  5. In the surgical waiting room, someone thought it was a good idea to watch “1,000 Ways to Die” on the television.

Little guy pulled through the surgery well.  Still waiting on test results.

DeVos Children's Hospital Pedestrian Bridge