Look, Its Something Shiny…

A good post on parenting an ADHD kid and getting lots of free advice.

bay witch musings

Some random thoughts and rants I’ve had lately about parenting and ADHD…
(sometimes I think I should be making these stock answers when the subject of my child’s ADHD comes up)

Please stop telling me I should try changing what my kid eats:  My child acts no differently (and I mean absolutely NO differently) when he has sugar, dyes (though this is something we have very little of anyhow), preservatives, milk, wheat (gluten), eggs, peanuts, or any other trigger foods than when he has not had them for any length of time.  If you tried an elimination diet for your child, and it worked “miracles”, congrats.  I am very happy that it worked for you.

I’ve read plenty of data (here’s an interesting meta-study) on the topic. To be honest, its spotty (and often poorly carried out, or a perfect example of correlation vs causation), and much…

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