Gratitude Friday Five

It’s been awhile since I did this.  But here goes.  Five things to be grateful about today.

  1. I’m at home with everybody. My son and I have spent a lot of time at the hospital the last couple weeks. He’s home and happy tonight.
  2. I put in for family leave and will get to take a semester off from teaching.
  3. Despite my many deficits due to ADHD, I’ve managed to keep the same job for almost two decades.  Hence I had more than 1,000 hours of sick pay banked, so my family leave will be paid for.
  4. Twitter is a good pastime for all those hours in the hospital.
  5. I get my Subarus from a dealer who cares.

I lease our cars because we only have one and I walk to work.  This summer I brought in my car on the very last day of the lease without calling first. I explained what was going on and that I had let the lease slip to the last minute.  They didn’t have a car ready for me, but gave me a brand new loaner for a month for free.  I put 2,200 miles on it with all the extra trips to the clinic and they didn’t even bat an eye.  They gave me a free upgrade on the roof rack because they didn’t have it ready when I picked it up.  They even offered to drive the rack up to me, an hour away, and install it. I’ve worked with the same salesman for eight years now, and he never tries to upsell me and can always arrange what we need.

And a Subaru is the best winter car ever!

O Wind, / If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

O Wind, / If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday Five

  1. Sounds like a great Friday! I’m so glad you and your son are home and happy. And what wonderful news that you will have paid leave! So happy for you for that relief. Your salesman could give some lessons to some others I’ve dealt with. I’m glad the vehicle transition went so smoothly for you. Hope you and the family have a great weekend.

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