Good description of what an ADHD diagnosis means.

Hetty Says.....

Many of my clients have been diagnosed with ADHD, and I often hear people wondering if one child or other has this ‘affliction’.  Ever since my beautiful daughter (now a wonderful mother, nurse educator, and wonder woman) was diagnosed with ADHD back in the 1990s,  I have had a special interest in this collection of symptoms.  After a careful examination of my own life I decided it was a better label than ‘smart but scattered’.  First of all, I think of it as just that, a collection of symptoms.  Trouble focusing, following through, organizing, planning, listening, being on time, finding things, and so on.  The other part, the ‘H’ part, is about not being able to sit still.

Saying someone has ADD/ADHD is like a dermatologist saying someone has a rash.  The important thing is to figure out why.   Is there a reason for the distraction?  Has there been a…

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