Gratitude Friday

It’s Friday again!  Five things I am grateful for:

  1. Week four and four posts on time. It hasn’t felt like a burden yet.  Getting close, but not yet.
  2. It’s National Poetry Month in the United States. What that means for me is in our little town there are more readings and events than I can go to.  I read some poems for two reading events this week to full rooms.
  3. It’s April 12th and we had a snow and ice storm last night. Though that’s curtailed my recent attempts at getting vigorous outdoor exercise, I’m grateful to have a guaranteed conversation starter.
  4. My students are persistent and understanding across the board this semester.
  5. The writing muse has been kind to me the last two weeks.  I’m still stuck in other areas, but being able to write calms the mind down overall. Readings tend to help with that.
Title page, Poems Upon Several Occasions (1748...

I have never heard of this poet, but it looks poetry-ish.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Hi, good work on the “Friday Project” – consistency is that slippery concept for so many of us.

    I’d like to ask your thoughts on something I’m dealing with. My dear son, a college sophmore, is struggling with sleep issues and an internet (yes, I get the irony of asking here) addiction. Seeing him follow in my footsteps is heartbreaking, since I’m still struggling but have enough success under my felt to be somewhat hopeful. Do you have any good resources or thoughts regarding the ADD connection and internet addiction, or sleep issues. I have a sixty year old brother (retired) that stays up most of the night on the internet. So, I see a pattern. My son has lost his scholarship to his college and now has to come home, try the Calc III from Hell once more, and pick up the pieces to his college career. He’s lost the placement at the best school for his field, but has his life. In the middle of the night, perspective can be lost. I’m trying to support him the next five weeks until getting him back to the midwest. Got any ideas??? Thanks – I really enjoy (and empathizing) with your posts.

    • Sorry to hear about your family’s difficulties. I’m not a professional in ADHD, so I’d suggest you consult a psychologist or other qualified professional, especially if you think it is addiction at work.

      I did previously review a book and do an interview with Kevin Roberts who is an ADHD coach. One of his areas of work is cyber addiction:

      I’m not qualified enough to say whether he is a good ADHD coach or not, but I did like his book.

      Thanks for reading, too. Take care.

      • Thanks – I’m finding it difficult to separate out who is really knowledgeable and who is not. The Twin Cities metro area has lots of practitioners, but we all know they aren’t created equally. There isn’t much time to try and pull stuff together before my son returns from his out-of-state college, self-esteem in shreds. I’ll check out the cyber addiction info on Roberts book. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Storms are guaranteed conversation starters for sure! I’m really enjoying reading your gratitude Fridays. Helps me find the silver linings. Thanks 🙂

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