Mental Health and Stigma

I read the blog Popehat because I follow civil liberties issues (specifically, freedom of speech and copyright).  A post about the Aaron Schwartz case turned into a post about living with depression:

People think that the prosecution of Aaron Swartz must have been unusually oppressive and abusive, because only a rare abuse of power could have driven such a brilliant and promising young man to suicide. People saying that may have been depressed at some point in their life — but they haven’t experienced the disorder major depression.

I have. I’ve fought it for fifteen years. People — people of good faith, sensitive people, thoughtful people, smart people — don’t tend to fathom major depression if they haven’t had it.

Depression is not like sadness. Everyone has been sad. Everyone has been depressed on one occasion or another. But clinical depression is something else entirely.

Worth the read, even if you’re not interested in the discussion of federal sentencing that precedes it.

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