The ADHD Zig-Zag

Never thought of it quite this way, but fits me to a T.


“Zig-zagging your way through life to the top!”
I heard this phrase from one of the speakers at the San Francisco CHADD conference. I thought it perfectly describes some of the people I know with Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD).  I liked how it sounded, since the person’s trajectory of goals was still pointing North for success.  It took into account the zig-zagging that a person’s points of performance can take during the day, week, month or year in the life of ADHD.  I thought it was very descriptive and “un”shaming.  It gives hope that in spite of zig-zagging, you can still be moving forward in a positive direction!
I am still chewing on the informative and  inspiring talks at the conference.  I left for the conference tired from many hours at work, wondering how I was going to rise to the energy needed to sit for that  many hours…

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