Organizing — Tip of the Day 299

I like this desk. It is cluttered, yet I can sense the organization in those piles. I’m also reading his book:


Kenn comments on people with ADD or ADHD, “We organize very differently than other people.”  I’m thinking about that, don’t know.  Certainly I function better if my desk is orderly and organized. I’ve given up on trying to keep it that way tho.  Just tackle it every week or two and feel good when I get it done.  It actually stays somewhat organized; I do have a system, it’s just messy.

I function better if my day and my week is organized, if there’s a schedule.  Need some flexibility and to schedule in some unscheduled time for the unexpected, which I always expect will come along.  Schedule is a part of structure, which is good for us.

I like keeping my books organized by topic an author, and have no problem doing that.

I think we feel better and function better if our environment is relatively clean and orderly.

I don’t know if…

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