Bathroom (De)Construction 2

It’s been exactly a week since I said I would redo the bathroom and that it would take a week.  So far, I’ve succeeded only in tearing things out and giving myself a back ache.  Here’s one view:

Lovely ten-foot ceiling, right? You may be wondering, how did he get a photo of a 12 square foot bathroom from the floor with the door closed?  Maybe you weren’t, but the reason is the floor is gone:

Yep. Oh, and I discovered the wiring was done horribly, dangerously wrong, so I’ve got to do that too.  I have made the executive decision to call a plumber instead of teaching myself copper pipe soldering and possibly burn down the house in order to move the faucet leads.  That’s new for me.

The vision for all this just appeared in my head, one more thing that I had to do, and now it’s running up against other deadlines. Like they delivered the new windows yesterday for the house, and they’ll start tearing out the old ones tomorrow morning.  It’s good practice to follow through on commitments and compare my idea of how long things take to how long they actually take.


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