6 thoughts on “Ahm in a Video!

      • Interesting. Interesting. because I like the clicker technology but it sure is different then when I attended school. I wonder if sometimes to much technology can be a bad thing.

      • Definitely. Technology is just a tool, not an end in itself. When I have students give presentations, I tell the other students to turn off computer monitors, close laptops, and put away smart phones (and that I have to follow the same rules to pay attention).

  1. I got a chance to use Adobe Connect for a grad school information session recently. It was easy to use and a fun way to interact within an online group.

    We also use clickers in our Nursing Program at work. They have talked about expanding their usage to for voting during shared governance meetings.

    I’m going to share this video with our e-Learning staff. i think a presentation like this could be really helpful on our campus.

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