8 thoughts on “Semester planning is fun!

  1. I have become very leary, personally, of labeling things “Phase I”. Doing so obligates you to “Phase II”. Sometimes, after doing “Phase I”, you realize that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to do “Phase II”. But if you don’t, “Phase I” looks like a failure. Even when “Phase I” might have been a success–as in showing you that “Phase II” is unnecessary.

    In my job, it’s a little like labeling a report “interim” or “preliminary”. That always suggests that this report is not done. But once it’s out in the world, it is done.

    And I know I’m missing the point of the photo . . .

    • Well, only the first half of the semester fit on the bulletin board. That big patch of yellow on the right is spring break, so after that the final phase of my plan will fall into place . . .

    • I never though I would, but it seems I do. I don’t even have to remember what the colors are for, only that similar things are similar colors and different things are different.

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