Quote To Remember

Here’s a quote from the book Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults   that strikes me as incredibly apt:

Impairment is the result of a disconnect between the individual’s behavior and what the environment expects. . . . Behaviors that fit in one environment may be seen as problematic in another setting.

This relates to the argument some make that ADHD people are often just creative misfits, that if we just changed all of society, then ADHD people would not have any trouble.  I guess if I could create an environment where I didn’t need so much executive function, then maybe I would feel better.

I can’t change all of society, so I’m going to go about changing me.

4 thoughts on “Quote To Remember

  1. Don’t change too much, if you do you risk altering that part of you that makes you unique. That part of you that enables you to see the world from a different perspective and to enlighten those around you. Some change is necessary in order to function in society so change just enough to make that work for you. Other than that, keep being you. You’re the only who can.

    • No, I’m going to be a narrow-minded jerk from now on.

      Seriously, I’m hoping to be a better version of me, but not a manic version of me. My all-or-nothing approach in the past sometimes would get me into trouble in the “all” stage: working at an unsustainable pace, committing to too many projects. I just want some more equanimity.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. I seem to recall a theory of evolutionary psychology or some crap that described ADD traits as “evolutionary adaptive,” in that someone with ADD is more aware and responsive to the environment, is more creative and considers more possible solutions to a problem in a shorter period of time, and is less inhibited when he needs to make snap decisions. So we figured out how to avoid getting eaten by bears, and we were wayyy quicker when it came to catching those damn jackrabbits.

    Unfortunately, despite many generous offers, no one has asked me to catch them a jackrabbit.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      It’s true that (without meds) I would work best in a rapid-fire-ideas environment, or a job that required me to surf the internet constantly, in either case without much accountability or many deliverables. Or maybe hunting jackrabbits, as you say. I’ve not done hunting of any sort, other than bad guys in Metal Gear Solid.

      It’s interesting to consider alternatives to our current jobs or culture, though.

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